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so yeah ive been really good with my eating
but ive been shitty with the working out
i never have time or im too lazy
how badly is that gonna affect me?
and so im gonna go and buy some pills cause the stackers werent working too well
its between xendedrine and a zantrex...what do you reccommend? any advice would be helpful thankyou

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goodmorning ladies,
im new and i dont think ive ever posted here before.
My name is lauren im nineteen and a mom to lil miss emily. shes eighteen months and just so amazing.

today is the first day of my 7 day detox fast.
i need to break my food addiction. i am one of those people that binge when they are stressed or depressed and it has to stop.
im going to be taking tons of vitamins, drinking green tea and water.

i have a question for you gym fanatics. i have tiny legs. i carry most of my weight on the top half of my body. i hate it. running has toned my legs and butt great but again, they are skinny nd the rest of me is huge. i dont know what to do to lose my stomach and arms and everything else. i know you cant really just lose weight in one spot but id like to actually build my thighs and butt a bit up and lose weight and tone everything else.
what type of cardio should i do?
is running causing the problem?

me & cal


Hey this is a desperate plea for help! My friend Sandy from Bradley is walking in the Avon Walk with me June 4-5. So yeah, really soon! She's raised $300 or so of the $1800 total and she needs to have the $1800 by June 3rd, the Eve of the event. If she doesn't have it, she won't be able to walk and thus, I will be walking alone. This saddens me. If you have a minute or two please, go visit her site and make a donation to her (great or small...anything would be swell). Sandy would appreciat it. I would appreciate. ANyone who has been touched by cancer would appreciate it.

Go here: http://www.avonwalk.org/site/TR?px=1686974&s_redId=16884&fl=en_US&s_tafId=34682&pg=personal&fr_id=1090

Thank you and GOd bless,


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Hello all!

I always hear dieting works best when you have support, so lets see if this online community will do the trick ;)
I was on the treadmill for 30 mins today and the machine told me I'd burned 500 calories, while I'd love to believe this was true I don't think that it can be. How many calories do you burn while running with intermittent bursts of power walking to catch my breath?

Good luck with your transformations!